Yachting It Up

The other night, one of my favourite bands, Yacht, was playing at Wrong Bar, here in Toronto.  Since not many of friends have heard of them and/or like them and I only decided to go to the concert the day before, I went by myself. I’ve travelled alone and have gone to movies alone , but I’ve never gone to concerts alone before. I figured, why the eff not? Life is short. I like this band. Who knows when I’ll get the chance to see them again. GO! And I went. And I had a blast. Since I’m on the detox, it was a bit strange at first that I wasn’t partaking in any adult beverages, but believe me, waking up the next day after only 5.5 hours of sleep and not being hung over to boot was a Godsend!

Here are a couple of short videos for your viewing pleasure. I was in the heart of the dance floor and was tempted to take a video of this extremely drunken couple who were a messily (is that a word?) making out and groping and ramming into whomever crossed their path, which was everyone because we were all packed together in front of the stage. They reminded me of a human tornado/blob that tore through that crowd, without any regard for who or what got in their way.  It was annoying and fabulous all at the same time.

The quality of my blackberry videos aren’t the best, but mind you, I was dancing my heart out and getting knocked over by the human torpedo/blob.

Here’s Yacht performing Psychic City.

And here they are performing The After Life. (Woops – this should be “Walk Alone”, my bad!)

This post doesn’t really have anything to do with healthy eating but I wanted to share with you that I stayed strong in my detox and had a lot of fun just drinking water.

I hope this has inspired you!